Vandie B is a Chicago-based boutique public relations firm specializing in all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle

At Vandie B, it’s simple:

You tell us your needs and we design the perfect PR strategy to provide you with results.



Each of our services are perfectly tailored to fit your brand’s needs. We understand the hard work, dedication, and passion that is involved in building your business. Now, you deserve to find a PR firm that is just as passionate as you are! At Vandie B, your business is our business. Whether you are a start-up or established business, we are ready to learn the ins and outs about your brand, get you the publicity you deserve, and take this journey with you towards a transition into a household name.


Brand Strategy & Planning

Brand Consultations, Press Releases, Press Kits, Media Pitching, PR Campaigns, Logo Design and Look Book Development

At Vandie B, we can help you develop your brand from beginning to end. We look at the how you have built your business, the current state of your business and marketing efforts, where you want your business to go, and how we can get you there!


Media Outreach & Research

Aside from maintaining a reputable and positive image, what is the number one reason you are seeking PR services? To gain media coverage! Vandie B seeks the most noteworthy media sources and outlets and dabbles in our media contacts to get you the coverage your brand deserves. We work hard to get you familiar with key industry players, build and sustain relationships, and select the right avenues to connect you to your target audience.


Social Media

These days, what is an effective PR strategy without social media? A challenging one! We will take a look at your current social media, find ways to enhance your social interactions and help you reach your audience at a greater level. Don’t have any social media networks, yet? Don’t worry! We can assist with that, too! Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a blog, Vandie B will find the perfect social media websites for you.


Event Planning

Planning and executing events is our favorite part of helping you increase exposure for your brand! Whether it’s a pop-up shop, fashion show or charitable event, Vandie B has got you covered! We are always ready to put together a memorable event to tell your brand’s story that the media and community won’t forget.


Clients & Partners


Ready to take your event to the next level?

Whether an established or emerging brand, Vandie B prides itself on top-quality, personalized PR services.